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für Arkeia Version 4.x

# ==>Note where the Arkeia journal file is located:  /usr/knox/arkeia/arkeia.jl2 (v4.2)
# /opt/arkeia/server/server.jl2 (v5)

Here are the error codes and their meanings:

# error code = "0" : OK (end of tree)
# error code = "1" : OK (end of tree + database updated)

# error code = "2" : Connection error

      The flow process cannot contact the client process ==> If your network is working fine, run the chknlp command on the backup
      server and client machines to identify the cause. 

# error code = "3" : Connection lost during backup

      The flow process lost the connection with the client process ==> If your network is working fine, check the logs on client machine side. 

# error code = "4" : Remote command failed

      The exit code of the remote command is not zero. 

# error code = "5" : End of flow (abort, kill, ...)

    * ==>The backup has been aborted, and most of the time the reason is explained in a previous message of the journal. There can be several
         reasons: tape is full and there is no more tape available.
    * the backup has been aborted by a user.
    * the flow process has been killed. 

# error code = "6" : Backup with errors

      There were errors during the backup. 


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